Bio link is one place to keep links and content that matter the most to you right now. Use it across all your social bios and keep it updated! You can only create one bio link page per artist.

Creating a Bio link page

Go to 'Artists' from the drop down menu on the right of the navigation, select the artist you wish to create a Bio link page for.

Scroll down the page slightly to find the 'Artist hub' section, in there you will see the Bio link. Click 'Create' to continue.

Adding links

Paste a link in the box at the top, it will be added to your page and automatically pull the title from that link to use as the link text. If you want to overwrite this, click the pencil icon to edit the title of the link.

Re-ordering links

Links can be re-ordered by dragging the card by the handles on the left side.


Links from Youtube, Soundcloud and Audiomack can be embedded on the page, just add a link from any of those services and toggle 'Embed'


Customisation options on Bio link include a background image, profile image custom colours, theme, font, social icons, spotify follow, patreon and Paypal donate buttons, note: some of these features are only available on Pro plan.


Change your name, and add a short bio text (optional). These appear at the top of your page.

Support - Pro feature

Include 'Spotify follow' 'Become a Patreon' 'PayPal Donate' buttons. Head over to your artist page to connect those services before adding them to your link page.

Social icons

Toggle this option and select the icons you want to appear on your page, and in what order. You will need to connect your social accounts on your artist page first.

Custom font

Choose from over 100 different fonts, or leave it as the default if you prefer!


Theme - choose light or dark theme, this will change the text and icon colours.

Colours - Hit auto suggest to generate colour schemes based on your artwork. If you want finer control of colours you can set them manually right below.


Domain - Choose your domain from the dropdown. You will need to set up your domain(s) through account > Domains

Page - Set the page for your link, this goes at the end of the URL.

NOTE: Unlike other link types. Bio link URLs can be changed at any time.

Email capture - Pro feature

Enable your email capture pop-over here and change the styling. You will need to first connect Mailchimp on your artist page, where you can also personalise your message and button text. Learn more about setting up Learn more about setting up email capture.


Once you're happy with everything, hit 'the 'Finish' button at the bottom, your page will be published. You can come back to edit your bio link at any time.