Release type smart links are built primarily to help you promote your latest release, be that a single, album or otherwise. Create a single page with links to your music or other content across a wide range of platforms. Your fans can then decide where to tune in.

Creating a Release smart link page

Click 'Create link' from the navigation bar shown below. On desktop devices this is at the top of the screen, on mobile devices it can be found at the bottom.

If you have multiple artists, select the one you'd like to use. If you just have one artist you will automatically skip this step.

Adding services

Next you will need to provide the system with a link to your release. For best results, we recommend pasting a link from Spotify or Apple Music

The system will automatically look for your release across all chosen services. You can add more by hitting the buttons at the bottom in the 'Add service' section, or you can paste a link directly to any other service, as long as it's listed here. If you would like to add a service that's not listed, then you can set up a custom service.

At this stage of the process, you can click 'view link' to check that the system has found the correct link. You can override any links by pasting a new link in the relevant box and hitting 'update'

If you're happy with all the links and services listed here you can hit 'Next' to continue. You can change the order the services appear in on the next screen.

Customisation has powerful customisation options allowing you to change the look and feel of your smart link pages. You will now see a preview, and a control panel on the right of the screen (if you're on desktop). If you're on a mobile device you will see a customise panel, and tabs at the top to switch between Customise and Preview.

Template - Pro feature

Select a template you like and continue down the page to change colours, fonts and more.

Top section

Any artwork we found associated with your release will be listed here. You can select which artwork to use, or go to the 'Embed' tab and select an embed option from the list. You can embed media from YouTube, Soundcloud and Audiomack.

Top tip: You can upload a gif as your artwork for some added flair!


We will fetch your artist name and track name from the link you provided on the previous step, but you can edit both if you like!


This section is optional, but it provides a space for you say something about your release, credit those involved in your release, thank your fans or anything else you want to use it for!

About photo

This is an optional photo which is used in different places depending on your theme to help you enrich your link page.

Artist photo

Toggle this to include your artist profile photo on your link page. Your artist profile photo is set on your artist page

Website link

Toggle this to include a link to your personal website on your link page. You can set your artist website on your artist page.

Shop - Pro feature

Choose a product from the dropdown. Products can be added in the merchandise section on your artist page.

Support - Pro feature

Include 'Spotify follow' 'Become a Patreon' 'PayPal Donate' buttons. Head over to your artist page to connect those services before adding them to your link page.

Social icons

Toggle this option and select the icons you want to appear on your page, and in what order. You will need to connect your social accounts on your artist page first.


Re-order your services list here. If you want to delete a service entirely you will need to go back to the 'Services' step. Make sure you save your changes!

Custom font

Choose from over 100 different fonts, or leave it as the default if you prefer!


Theme - choose light or dark theme, this will change the background and/or text colour, depending on the template selected.

Colours - Hit auto suggest to generate colour schemes based on your artwork. If you want finer control of colours you can set themmanually right below.

Service icons - Leave on auto, or switch to another setting if you want.

Social icons - Leave on auto, or switch to another setting if you want.


Domain - Choose your domain from the dropdown. You will need to set up your domain(s) through account > Domains

Page - Set the page for your link, this goes at the end of the URL.

NOTE: Once you have set a URL for a link page and hit 'Finish' this cannot be changed later.

Email capture - Pro feature

Enable your email capture pop-over here and change the styling. You will need to first connect Mailchimp on your artist page, where you can also personalise your message and button text. Learn more about setting up Learn more about setting up email capture.


Once you're happy with everything, hit 'the 'Finish' button at the bottom, your page will be published. You can come back to edit your link at any time.