Custom subdomains are only available on Pro Plan.

Custom subdomains cannot be created if you are on a trial.

Create a subdomain

Custom domains are added through the artist page. From the drop down menu on the right, select 'Artists' and then click the artist you want to add a subdomain for. Scroll down the page to the 'Domains' section.

Click 'Create subdomain'

  • Enter your desired subdomain. e.g. myband

Please note: Subdomains cannot contain spaces or special characters, except hyphens.

Selecting a subdomain for your page.

If you've only got one subdomain then this subdomain will be selected automatically for any smart link page you create. If you have multiple subdomains, or wish to use the default subdomain, you can select your preferred option when creating a smart link page, by going to the dropdown under the heading 'URL' near the bottom of the page.