Email capture is only available on Pro Plan

Currently supports Mailchimp only.

Set up

Step 1 'Connect Mailchimp'

Go to your 'Artist' page, from the dropdown on the right of the site.

  • Click 'Connect' and follow the instructions to connect Mailchimp
  • select the list you want to add contacts to from the dropdown labelled 'Add to:'
  • Customise your sign up prompt and success message (optional)
  • Select the wording you want to use on the button

Enable mail capture pop up

Mail capture can be added when creating or editing any smart link page.

  • On the 'Customise' step, look for the 'Email capture' heading at the bottom of the page and hit the toggle to enable it.
  • Customise your colours to match your page and include your profile image if you wish.