Welcome to Amplify 2.0! Our recent upgrade continues to build upon our mission to be the leading brand in marketing for artists and creators, by providing the best tools and knowledge to connect artists and creators with their audiences. 

All users have been automatically upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0. However, while your account has been upgraded, you might not necessarily know the full list of features available on Amplify 2.0. 

So what's special about Amplify 2.0? And how can you use it to amplify your brand and ultimately, your career?

Setting up

The first place to start with 2.0 is the artist profile page (found under 'Artist' in the dropdown menu in the top right of any page). Make sure that you connect and set up all of your social media accounts, streaming preferences, retargeting pixel codes, donation options, merchandise, and so on. 

After configuring everything from your end, Amplify.link will start working its magic. Your very own, unique bio link is set up in just a few seconds. Your choices here also allow you to easily set up release links, pre-save and get the best out of Amplify.link.

Pixel remarketing

You can set up pixel remarketing and retargeting codes on your artist page for Facebook Pixel, Google Remarketing, TikTok Pixel, Twitter Pixel and Snap Pixel.

These pieces of codes enable you to collect useful data from your smart link and build targeted audience lists for your Google and social ads.

Go to the drop-down menu on the right, tap on Artists, then scroll down the page to find the Retargeting section. Here, you can insert your codes. Amplify.link will do the rest.

If you want to find out more about setting up remarketing pixels on the social media services we support, below are some detailed instructions from each service. These guides explain what data you can collect, how and why you should be using them to build your audiences and how to set them up.

Facebook/Instagram Pixel
Google Remarketing (Which can be used for Google Ads and YouTube)
Twitter Pixel
TikTok Pixel
Snap Pixel

*Retargeting is only available on Pro Plan

Release Links 

The release links have been at the heart of Amplify.link since our version 1.0 beta, with the release of version 2.0 we believed release links needed a massive upgrade to allow you more choice in the way you present your releases to your audiences and the ability to customise them to better fit with your brands. 

Here are a couple of great examples of users who are currently using our custom release link templates:

Wavy Template

Mezcal Template

Durban Template

Posse Template

Standard Template

*Custom templates are only available on Pro Plan

Pre-save links

A Release type smart link - also known as a pre-save link - is an essential promotion tool. It enables you to promote your latest release by uniting all links into one powerful landing page. Your fans can then decide where to tune in.

To create your pre-save link, click on Create Link. Then, add the links to your release. You can either paste a link or automatically let our system look for your release across all chosen services. 

The next step is customisation. Select one template from our sleek, custom templates, and add your release artwork, title, artist name, brand colours, font, artist photo and so on. You can also opt for the Shop and Support features.  Set a URL for the link page and hit Finish. 

Shop, Support and Email Capture

These three features enable you to connect and engage with fans. 

Rake in some cash by setting up your very own Shop by adding your products to the merch section of your artist page. Furthermore, our insight tool enables you to check which products are performing best. 

Facilitate fan support by including 'Spotify follow' 'Become a Patreon' 'PayPal Donate' buttons. Head over to the artist page, and connect these services before adding them to your page.

Set up email capture by going to your Artist page, clicking on Connect and following the instructions to connect to your Mailchimp account. You can also customise your mail capture pop-up so that it matches the rest of your branding. 

*These features are only available on Pro Plan

Livestream link

Amplify 2.0 enables you to set a live stream link. Let your fans know that you're live streaming across multiple platforms. Set up an Amplify.link to schedule a live stream event, start the countdown and let fans decide where to tune in.


By using Amplify.link, you're gaining access to detailed analytics. Our smart link combines insights from your streaming and social platforms and provides real-time data and extensive reports, enabling you to devise more targeted campaigns and marketing strategies. 

We're committed to staying an artist-first platform. To do this, we're constantly working on new updates that empower you to supercharge your growth and elevate your career.