The tipping feature allows fans to send donations directly to you, by connecting your account with Stripe.

Stripe account

To get started, go to the Wallet page within the Account section. Click the "Start setup" button, which will take you to Stripe's onboarding process.

Once you have finished the onboarding process and have been redirected back to the Wallet page, you will see the status of your account.

In some cases, you may need to provide identification to Stripe, before you can start accepting tips.

Once your account is ready, the Wallet page should look like this:

Now that you have connected your Stripe account, you can customise how the tip button is displayed to your fans, either by clicking on the "Go to artist profile" button on the Wallet page, or by navigating to one of your artist pages and scrolling down to the "Tipping" section.


You can change the tipping button that is displayed to fans, as well as change the text that gets displayed to them at different stages of the tip process.

As a way of thanking any fans that donate to you, you can give them a special link, or file download once their tip has been sent. You can enable this by clicking the toggle next to the "Reward link / download" and then either entering a URL, or uploading a file.

Now that you've set up your Stripe account and customised how the tip button looks, you can display it on one of your link pages. Either create a new link, or edit an existing one and scroll down to the "Support" section and toggle on the "Tip" button. Once you've created / saved your link you will now see the tip button appears on the bottom right of your page. Congratulations, you can now accept tips from your fans!